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Can I make animated backdrops in Vegas?

Yes, making new backdrops is part of VF. Just change an existing backdrop and save it as a new name (press the floppy disk icon). You can use key-framing to animate the changes. Let’s say you don’t like the fading edge inside the Hollow background. Just change it. By moving points (1) and (2) on top of each other the fade becomes a hard edge. By moving them away from each other the fade gets softer. You can even add a 3rd or 4th point with different color or edge hardness. You really have to play around with this to really appreciate it.

Try moving the two points to the right of the screen and place them on top of each other. This should give you a top and bottom blue border with nothing on the sides. Then change the color of point (1) to white and you should have the effect you need. This should be placed on the overlay track so it’s in front of your movie.

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