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Billy Boy’s Vegas Video Tutorials

Billy Boys Web Site

Calibration and Adjustment User friendly how-to for calibrating your external monitor and televisions to NTSC standards. A very important and often overlooked first step to successfully making level and color adjustments to videos.

 Images too dark or washed out Two common problems with detailed how-to fixes using levels and color curves filters. Includes expanded section on Demystifying the “S” Curve. See Tutorial 10 for step-by-step on using Color Curves to correct your images.

Color Adjustments by the Numbers Building on the principles of the first two tutorials we go a step further learning how to make more accurate color corrections by applying complement filters and a semitransparent overlay.

It is very easy to make slide shows with Vegas Video, but why settle for a ho-hum presentation, when with a little extra effort you can add advanced effects that go far beyond simple transitions. This tutorial is designed to be a hands-on exercise. Feel free to copy the image files link from the tutorial page, then work through the tutorial step by step as you build the mini video.

A few exercises on masking plus adding/removing the color from images.

Improving the audio portion of your videos is important too. This tutorial gives you some interesting tips on how to turn a flat sounding and boring mono source file into a dramatically improved fully separated right and left channel production.

Get rid of annoying sounds your video camera makes. Learn how to make a simple noise profile that can eliminate them and other background noise.

Using Scopes and Color Corrector Exciting powerful new features in version four of Vegas. Now you have much more power adjust colors and levels, plus Vegas now comes with Scopes showing real time changes in your video.

Advanced Color Curves. A detailed step-by-step to understanding how to use this powerful filter to improve your images by adjusting the three key regions of all images, shadows, midtones and highlights.

Advanced Color Correction Part One Using Color Corrector and Color Corrector secondary to finish up the image started in previous tutorial.

Advanced Color Correction Part Two Using Color Correcotr Secondary to change the color of one or more parts of your image continued from previous tutorial.

Finding White/Black points with Color Cast Videos Using a combination of Color Corrector and Threshold filters to easily set black and white points in a video that suffers from a color cast.

Panning-Zooming and Cropping How to automate your still images. Details on simple panning/zooming plus more advanced methods complete with video demos.

Special Effects A continuation of tutorial #14 with four more effects for panning a image.

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