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Beeping Sound during audio playback (wave Hammer)

Those beeps are because WaveHammer is in demo mode. If you have used it before, it has since forgotten that it is registered. The first thing to try is the migration tools. In Windows go to:

Start | All Programs | Sony | Utilities | Migration Tools | Register Sony DirectX Audio Plug-Ins

If that doesn’t work try:

Start | All Programs | Sony | Utilities | Migration Tools | Copy Sony Plug-In Licenses from Installed Sonic Foundry Plug-Ins

If that doesn’t work try re-installing the application that you got WaveHammer with (Sound Forge or Vegas), and if that doesn’t work you need to call Sony Tech support., sorry


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5 comments to Beeping Sound during audio playback (wave Hammer)

  • dave

    found the fix in fx drop down menu theres a folder called “Third Party”
    if you use the FX in this folder you will get beeping sound.

  • It happens even if the software was correctly registered. But you need to open the settings (FX) and slightly change a bit one or two setting and then it works again. I think it’s just a bug.

  • Charles M. Jones

    Solution Found.

    I found the same problem (beeping sounds with the Wave Hammer Surround plugin) in Vegas 13 on Windows 10.

    It appeared that the problem was that the plugin had changed to a trial version.

    That apparently happened because I had a trial version of Vegas 10 on the same computer.

    That trial version must have affected the plugin.

    When I removed the old trial version of Vegas 10, the beeping stopped.

    If it doesn’t stop, re-install vegas and it will stop.

  • Mike

    Hell …. there is no Start or All Programs on my Win…

  • YoMomma

    I’m using windows 10. How do I fix it on windows 10

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