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Batch Render in V8 & V9

By the author…  His web siite  more free scripts
Initially, “Proxy Stream” is to convert the media files of a directory (and can still be used for
this task).  Then, I improved it to work with proxy files in a HD/SD workflow.Download Proxy Stream V9
Download proxy StreamV8How to use:THE CONVERSION TAB.
The “directory” area is to select the source files (input) and the proxy files (output) directory.
The “Files to convert” area is to list the media located in the source files directory with one

 of the selected extension of the “Media Type” area.
The name of the Proxy file is based on the name of the source file + the new extension
(for example, “Movie.mpg” become “Movie.mpg.AVI”)THE SWITCH TAB.
This tab is to switch between the Proxy and Source files in a project.
Proxy and Source files must be stored in the same directory.
Edit: New version (1.5b) available for VP9:
Proxy Stream 1.5b works with VP9 only.
-Added ability to anable/disable Switches (Resample, Maintain Aspect Ratio and Reduce Interlace Flicker).
-Proxy files have same creation time and last write time attributs as source file. So you can use SVDTS script
from Paavo Jurvelin with proxy files ( see at )

Please report any bug you find.
In addition, since I’m not English, thx to tell me if there is some inappropriate words, expressions or syntax error in the interface.



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