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Add Plural Eyes 4 to VP 17, 18 19

If Plural Eyes is not showing on your Vegas pro software
Try the following

If anyone your  having difficulty finding “C:\ProgramData\ “it may because the folder is hidden. In Windows [10] go to Control Panel ; search for ‘hidden files’ ; then under File Explorer Options click on “Show hidden files and folders”. Then under View and Advanced settings click on ‘Show hidden files, folders and drives’.

Once you’ve got to “C:\ProgramData\” go to the “VEGAS Pro” folder. You’ll find folders for all the versions you’ve had of VEGAS. Open the “18.0” folder [ignore the “18.0.284” folder]. Open the “Application Extensions” folder [create the folder if there isn’t one in the “18.0” folder] and copy “PE4VegasLoader14.dll” into it.

Copy PE4VegasLoader14.dll from C:\ProgramData\VEGAS Pro\17.0\Application Extensions to C:\ProgramData\VEGAS Pro\18.0\Application Extensions

If anyone’s done the dll steps but it doesn’t work, make sure you are on a recent version of PluralEyes. 4.1.8 added support for VP 16

I also found if you create a new folder called in Application Extensions in In C:\ProgramData\VEGAS Pro\ and put it and any others in there , that used to work




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