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A better slow motion

Consumer grade cameras probably don’t have robust enough transports to handle the increased tape speed for over-cranking (to get slow motion). Plus, most consumers have problems understanding indoor vs. outdoor lighting & color balance, so how would you explain slow motion? <g>

Vegas *can* interpolate fields just fine. Here’s an example:
– Bring in a 30i source.
– Turn on “resampling” on the source video (right-click in event, Switches, Resample).
– File | Render As. Custom, Video, Template: Default, Frame Rate: 60, Field order: None (progressive). OK.
– Render.
– Start new project (File | New, Frame rate: 60, Field order: None (progressive).
– Bring in rendered file.

You’ll see that every 60p frame is unique and complete, interpolated from to 30i source.

Without even rendering to 60p, if you turn on resampling, you can use velocity envelopes and/or rate changes on events and they interpolate pretty well, even to non-multiples of the frame rate.

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